Create an Account

Creating a FormFinch account is free and you start with a trial period of 30 days. During the trial period you have access to everything FormFinch has to offer under the same conditions as a Premium plan. That way you will know exactly which plan is best for you when the trial period ends.

You can create an account here.

What happens when the trial ends

Before the trial period expires you will receive a notification in FormFinch. So, if you prefer to wait with upgrading until the trial period is almost expired, you can safely do so. Just make sure you sign in to FormFinch to not miss any notifications. You can upgrade your account during the trial period at any time. We will not charge you until you have used up your full 30-day trial period.

When the trial period ends, and you do not upgrade your account beforehand, your account downgrades to the Free plan. Our Free plan is free of charge but comes with limitations. Any forms that go over those limitations when your trial expires will no longer receive submissions. You can see the limitations and other differences between our plans here.