About FormFinch

FormFinch is a cloud application that helps you to create your own online forms. Whether you are a student, freelancer, startup, non-profit, small, medium or large corporation we all have in common and that is that we use forms.

The type of forms you need can vary and that is why FormFinch enables you to create any form you want. You don’t even have to know code, just drag the questions you want to ask on your canvas and publish your form, we take care of the rest.

So, whether you need a survey, a contact form, a job application or a work order form, log into FormFinch and start creating.

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Who We Are

FormFinch is a privately owned company that is founded mid 2017 by Fanny Sterrenburg and Arjan Bosma. Before we created FormFinch we gained years of experience in user experience design and software development and through this experience we have come to recognize many patterns and solutions that are common in a majority of target fields.

Forms are the key central part in this view because it is the essential building block of software used in almost every organisation, whether it's in business, education, health or government. We decided that if we want to empower people the most with what we've learned over the years we had to concentrate our efforts in a company dedicated to enabling you to create your own forms.

FormFinch Headquarters

FormFinch Headquarters

Uivernest 30D
6852LD Huissen

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