Prepaid subscriptions that your piggy bank will enjoy

Prepaid Subscriptions

November 11th, 2020

We all know the feeling, we like to use digital services but we do not like to get stuck with monthly fees. Even when it is possible to adjust a subscription plan at any time, because there is always a chance we might forget to unsubscribe or downgrade. From now on these problems belong to the past with our new prepaid subscriptions that end automatically.

Why Prepaid Subscriptions?

We recognize that in some situations it is more important that a subscription ends automatically than continuous guaranteed service. This situation can occur when:

At FormFinch we recognize that not every business and organisation is the same and therefore we choose to also offer a prepaid subscription option so you can choose the subscription that best suits your situation.

Recurring versus Prepaid Subscription

Recurring and prepaid subscription offer the same functionality for the same plans at the same price. Which subscription model you choose will ultimately be based on your personal preference, but there are some key differences that you might want to consider.

Automatic renewal with the same duration as you initially choose (month or year)Stops automatically unless you manually renew your subscription
Downgrading takes effect immediately and you can “pause” your subscription at any time by switching back to the free subscription.Downgrading will only take effect after your subscription ends. You can therefore not “pause” your subscription.
You will never forget to renew your subscription and because of that you will never miss a submission and forms will not close unintentionally.If you do not renew your subscription any forms that exceed the limit of the free subscription will be closed and the amount of submission and views will also be impacted.
Only credit card paymentsCredit Card payments and iDeal (Netherlands)

Switch to a Prepaid Subscription

If you now have an recurring subscription and you want to switch to a prepaid subscription, you can do so by:

When the switch is successful, you will return to the account page under License Information you will see that the subscription has been successfully converted. If you have downgraded your subscription in addition to the subscription switch, you will also see the date on which the changes will take effect.

If at any time you change your mind and want to switch back to a recurring subscription, you can of course switch subscriptions again in a similar way.

Paying with IDeal

IDeal is one of the most used payment methods in the Netherlands and many of our Dutch users have asked us to also accept iDeal payments. This has now become possible with the introduction of prepaid subscriptions. You will now find this payment method when you purchase a prepaid subscription.

We expect to offer even more payment options in the future. If you have a preference or have other suggestions please let us know.