Updating your payment information

Both your credit card and billing information can be found on the “Account Settings” page in the “License Information” section.

Billing Info

Your billing information consist of your full address, (company) name and if applicable you VAT number. Any changes you make will appear on your next invoice.

Please note that if you move to another country you might see changes in the calculated VAT amount on your invoice. This however won’t change the total costs of FormFinch because we maintain a universal price policy, which in short means that no matter where you live everyone pays the same total amount after taxes.

Creditcard Details

Your credit card details concern all your credit card information and because this is of course highly private information FormFinch will only show you a summarized version of it. When you press “edit” all fields will be blanc and have to be entered in order to update the information. Rest assured that is only because of security reasons, if you press cancel nothing will change and we will still have the existing information we need.