Restore a previous form design with version control

Sometimes changes are made that later turn out not to have the desired effect and you might experience a drop of submissions, an increased bounce rate or start receiving more questions about your form. Sometimes you’d just wish you could just take it all back to how things were before. With FormFinch you can, or at least as far as your formdesigns are concerned.

When you navigate to the “forms” page and click on the name of the form you would like to restore to a previous version, you will see the “Form Details” page. Here we have a section called “History” where all your previous form designs have been logged.

You can restore your form to any version you want by clicking the icon next to the record. Restoring a design is only possible after you’ve made changes to the form. Any records that don’t offer the option to restore are identical to the current form design. When you press ”edit” your form will be opened in “The Form Designer” and you will notice that the design has been reverted to the version you’ve just restored it to.

Restoring does not affect your live forms. If you want to update your live form you first have to “Publish” the changes. That also ensures that if you accidentally restored the wrong version, you can go back to “Form Details” and restore as many version that you need to find the right one without influencing your live form. It also does not affect your form’s “History”, form designs that were made after the version you are restoring will still be available.